Best Bakery Business Card Templates & Free Bakery Business Card Designs

Best Bakery Business Card Templates & Free Bakery Business Card Designs

Best Bakery Business Card Templates & Free Bakery Business Card Designs

All sorts of cakes, pastries, cupcakes, and cookies — a very few people are able to give them up because they are so fragrant and tasty. But in order for making a potential buyer's proper impression, not only delicious baking but also advertising is necessary. After all, you must admit that in one city there can be quite a lot of bakeries that produce the same product. Therefore, a badge is a company face and its promotion.

Best Bakery Business Card Templates & Free Bakery Business Card Designs
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The bakery business card designs variety is impressive because there aren’t only images of buns, sweet cupcakes, three-tiered cakes, but also with appropriate shape. When the client receives these original visiting badges immediately wants to eat them. Bright effective design, properly selected colors, elegant fonts, and detailed information about the company will be a useful advertising tool that helps increase sales.

In this article, we’ll analyze creative ideas that will help decide on a design and make your own, unique badge.

Creative Bakery Business Card Template

To create a bakery business card using the template, work on which will significantly reduce development time, save money spending on designer services. They are quite easy to apply because all that is needed is filling it with detailed info about thy company. Pay attention to the prepress bakery-cafe business card preparation:

  1. Decide on colors: It must be well combined with internal content. For promotional purposes, bright color styling is much more effective: A croissant picture with a fried crust and raspberry jam should scream about its unsurpassed taste. Utilize ready-made template pictures or entrust this work to a photographer who specializes in food.
  1. Select the correct paper on which label will be printed. Whether it will be matte or glossy, dense or thin — all these parameters depend on the budget.
  1. Set your future badge form: A piece of irregular shape paper of some bun or bread will even more interest potential customers.

Make bakery business card using free templates that you can download here. Choose the ones which are perfect for thy specialization: for example, you bake cupcakes or meat pies. Fill with info — and voila, your bakery business card template in PSD is ready. All you have to do is print.

How Should a Bakery Business Card Look Like?

Doesn’t matter what is the company profile: donuts, croissants or bread with olives. A proper marketing plan and interesting business card bakery will significantly increase sales and profits.

Pay due attention to colors, because they can cause emotions. Its memorability depends on branding. For example, in psychology, it’s believed that pink and purple enhance susceptibility, which is ideal for delicious pastries advertising. On some bakery business card samples, you can see the organic ingredients’ promotion which the products are made from. They often use green shades with contrasting combinations.

Some entrepreneurs prefer choosing a playful design that combines dark and light colors, as well as unusual fonts. Such instances can often resemble the book content “Alice in the Wonderland”, and differ in the fun mood.

Good bakery business card ideas are rather an extraordinary combination of color ranges from blue to pink, which is associated with children, chewing “Hubba Bubba”, “Chupa Chups”. Bright graphics elements reinforce the celebration feeling.

Another example of a business card for a bakery can be a fairly minimalists design with simple graphical elements and fonts. Soft coloration helps focus on basic info.

Here you can find some free bakery-cafe business card that will definitely entice a potential buyer to try thy products.

What is the Best Shape for Business Card for Bakery?

When designing, follow your bakery specialization. Below we consider the most common biz badge forms.

  • Cupcake bakery business card

If you’re baking cupcakes, use a bright photo or a picture with them. Experiment with the form: interesting options are carved images. Often all sorts of promotions are used on the badge’s back: for instance, having received and pasted nine stickers, the customer will receive one free cupcake as a gift.

  • Bakery cafe business card

Create a badge in the form of a cookie or cake — make the clients wanna eat them. The customer will definitely wanna get the sweet that is shown on thy badge.

  • Kosher bakery business card

Such a badge may be of a standard form, but the word “kosher” should be highlighted with a different color or font. Often they are performed in muted, not bright shades, with natural ingredients’ photographs: flour, eggs, chocolate.

Making a creative bakery business card, you’re one step closer to popularity and sales growth. They express individuality, cause delight — saturated with a portion of color and elegant fonts accurately reproduce the necessary wow effect. Get inspired by the list of examples and create your own unique design.

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