Best Barbershop Flyer Designs & Free Barbershop Flyer Templates

Best Barbershop Flyer Designs & Free Barbershop Flyer Templates

Best Barbershop Flyer Designs & Free Barbershop Flyer Templates

Choosing a template you should try to find something that reflects your activity, something people associate with your place or services. Here you may find some tips focuses on challenges you face promoting beauty services and barbershop in particular. Try to experiment and find your personal inspiration.

Best Barbershop Flyer Designs & Free Barbershop Flyer Templates
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Beauty salons are popular and many of them are available to ordinary people now as well. It’s great since you can always find a nice place to relax and let somebody take care of your skin or whatever. But if you are a salon owner or provide such kind of services, then you have to deal with the competition and somehow tell people about your place or services.

The barbershop flyer template is a place to start. Since it’s a template, which means you can modify it as you wish — change various colors, add or remove elements, photos, etc.

A barbershop flyer PSD (other file formats are available as well) file is layered, which facilitates editing. Such barbershop flyer templates are composed properly — all elements are on their places and unnecessary spots don’t make you focus on them. A designer “guides” your eyes and makes focus on different parts by using diverse shapes, patterns or even photos (including their size and placement).

Here is one of these barbershop flyer templates.

As you can see, it has several elements which are placed properly, so nothing “stands out” — seems like a well-composed picture. It isn’t overwhelmed, the number of elements looks right.

A barbershop marketing flyer should promote your salon or services, placing just elements and images aren’t enough; so it has some space to add information, like where clients can find you and when you work. It would be a good idea to add a short list of your services or a special proposition to attract new customers (like 10% off during certain days, etc.).

Colors are chosen properly. A designer can achieve different effects using color combinations. Creating your own design, it may be a good idea to use colors that are presented in your salon — so people can get a correct association.

Keep in mind that all templates are easy to edit so you can get almost everything you want — even a vintage black barbershop flyer, while the template is colorful.

Flyer Ideas for Barbershop

Generating barbershop flyer ideas is quite challenging, but here are some tips which can speed up the process and make it more productive:

  • Determine the services you provide — what styles you work with (Is it something casual or luxurious or everything at once?) — It helps to understand who your potential clients are;
  • Knowing your potential clients, you can choose what elements to use — people who prefer vintage would love the design with vintage hats, a mustache shape, etc. — everything that was popular back in the old days. It helps to get the overall style;
  • Now you can choose colors — you may use colors used in the salon or custom ones. Blue is great for casual and something modern, like an urban barbershop flyer template, while brown is good for a vintage barbershop flyer;
  • Get the overall elements placement plan — where to put everything and how to make it look balanced. It’s a matter of your personal preferences and taste. Don’t use too many elements and make sure they are distributed evenly;
  • Find spots for text — such places can be surrounded by various elements to make people focus on those areas immediately;
  • Decide what to tell — don’t add too much text. Everything should be clear and informative. The text has to be easy to read (it can be achieved with several colors).

A premium or free barbershop flyer takes much time to be designed, due to considering different factors, including understanding trends and using them correctly, so choosing a barbershop flyer design template should be your first step of the promotion campaign.

Here are some templates:

This design includes a photo, which can demonstrate your experience. People will focus on the photo, so it should be chosen carefully. It includes straight-line, sharp lines which can be associated with precision and swiftness.

Sharp elements are scattered through all the canvas, and they fill empty space. Overall, it looks balanced.

The stylized text uses the “negative” effect so it creates a nice contrast with the background, whether it’s a solid color or a photo. It has many places where you can add information.

These colors are contrastive and the background uses very light-brown color. Such color combinations are good for vintage design.

Suchlike barbershop flyer template PSD (other formats are available as well) looks more complex, but also includes a photo, which is a chance to demonstrate your skills. This design is divided into two vertical parts. The left one has a model photo, the right one is an information block, where you can place some text to tell people what you offer.

It doesn’t include any smooth shapes but has various elements (crosses, lines, etc.) distributed evenly. It’s flexible and you can turn it into a barbershop rental flyer.

The cold color combination (dark blue colors) is great for something urban. The white-colored text creates a contrast which makes it easy to read. It includes some messages which use the dark-blue color but it differs from the background and people still can read it if they come closer.

Here is a bright template that looks quite simple. It hasn’t any complex patterns or shapes but includes a model photo blended with the background.

The large letter “C” is associated with the shop name first letter, which can be replaced with a logo. You can see how this shape works with a photo. There are many places where you can add messages. It also includes a special offer.

Since this design doesn’t have many elements — it doesn’t limit you and you can use this one to promote any special event if you have barbershop holiday flyer ideas.

The blue-white-dark colors make up a difference so all messages are easy to read. It can be used as a barber shop opening flyer.

This barbershop show flyer template steps away from the designs demonstrated above. It doesn’t include any photos. It consists of various simple geometric shapes, like circles, triangles, squares. Simple patterns make it look more complex. It looks weird (in a good way) and that makes it so attractive.

Diverse messages are scattered across the canvas. These colors make it look vivid and appealing.

This barbershop flyer design doesn’t use any geometric shapes but uses flowers as the background pattern. It has a white rectangle which may include the name of your shop or your name if you are a stylist. This template is versatile and isn’t as manly as some previous templates.

Such a design can be a nice new barbershop flyer that promotes a new place. There is enough space to add all the information you want (like special offers), while the white-blue color combination makes this template look very positive.

Barbershop Poster

A poster may be a good complement that makes your promotion campaign more effective.

Here is one of the poster templates:

Numerous elements work together and create a complete piece. It tells something a potential client should know. These colors blend together and make the whole design look fresh and modern. Such design looks attractive.

Promotion is quite challenging since you need to consider numerous factors. Having good promotion material is important. Choosing a template you should try to find something that reflects your activity, something that people can associate with your place or services. Use all the available means: it’s about something vintage — use various vintage elements, about something “brutal” — use “brutal” symbols like axes, etc. Try to experiment and find your personal style. Don’t ignore your friends’ opinions — ask what they think, they may help, since it’s necessary to see your design with fresh eyes. Be creative and don’t be afraid to combine different styles and elements.

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