Best Event Poster & Free Flyer Design Templates

Best Event Poster & Free Flyer Design Templates

Best Event Poster & Free Flyer Design Templates

If you want to tell people about some occasion, you'll be looking for matching promotion material. It may be a holiday, a party or even a sale. You don’t need to worry about how to design a flyer for an event. Check out some tips and trick for event flyer & poster designs.

Best Event Poster & Free Flyer Design Templates
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Printed advertisement can be helpful when you have to promote something since the internet advertisement maybe not enough or non-effective at all. Of course, you can promote something with the help of social network, but a message on a social network can look too dull and emotion-free, while printed advertisement and social network messages are used together to achieve the necessary effect.

If you want to tell people about something, then these flyer templates for event are exactly what you need. It may be a holiday, a party or even a sale. You can also create your own event poster design. Please remember that free event poster designs are available as well.

Event poster templates below look differently and can be used in many cases. These occasion examples look different, but all of them are very flexible.  So you can take a template and make various changes to get the look you want. Usually, such templates have a layered structure, as various elements refer to different layers. It helps to facilitate the modification process since you can edit different elements separately.

The blue template with ice-creams is a great option if you want to promote something dedicated to National Ice Cream Day (it’s celebrated in the United States, on the third Sunday in July). In this case, when the images can speak for themselves, you don’t need even to read anything that event poster template has — you can say that it has something to do with ice cream. This template features various small elements that complete the whole composition. Overall, it looks vivid which indicates that it’s all about happiness and joy.

The dark-colored black-orange free event poster is a perfect option if you want to promote a Halloween party — the stylized pumpkin and the famous “trick or treat” are enough to tell what it is all about. It also has some candy shapes in the background; it has some space where you can put the information about your party, like when and where it starts.

The dark blue design is a great option for those who run stores where you can find everything necessary for a wedding ceremony. This template doesn’t look very complex — it has some simple shapes made of straight lines. The white-colored text creates a contrast with the dark blue background. You can use one event poster example above and create your own design to promote an expo.

You can easily add, remove, scale up and down various elements, put some of them behind the other ones, change their colors, etc. You have some creative freedom here. These event poster graphic designs aren’t only a perfect basis but also a great guide that you need to use in order to make people focus on the required elements.

Free and Premium Event Flyer Templates

Numerous flyer templates for event are available and they are a great starting point for your personal design. There are free and premium-grade products. The difference is that premium files may look more complex and include many high-quality elements which require much time to be made. However, all demonstrated templates are high-quality products and they are flexible. Here are some examples of event flyers.

The white design features a slightly distorted photo of an acoustic guitar. It has a nice contrastive palette. It looks quite simple, but it may be very effective and has enough space for you to add some necessary information.

The brown-colored design features a nice wood-textured background. However, it has a guitar’s elements. The bright blue colored text is easy to read.

Such products are great if you’re looking for some special material. They are great if you provide live music or acoustic music festivals.

Both sample event flyers use an acoustic guitar to demonstrate they promote a live music fest. An acoustic guitar is often associated with pure, non-distorted, natural sound.

Suchlike business event poster templates are a great option to promote an expo or a trade show. Here are some event poster ideas.

This event poster graphic design features many small elements that we associate with the construction industry, like windows, stairs, brick stacks, a roof, etc. It has a nice informative strict design, just like a building plan, it’s well-structured. The central rectangle has several parts where you put all the needed information.

The red event poster template is an impeccable option for a science expo. People will associate the artificial hand with advanced technology and that’s exactly what a tech expo is all about. The red background makes it easy to notice from far, while the white text is easy to read. This template can be used to promote a tech expo.

The great thing is that you don’t need to think about how to design a poster for an event — templates are a great starting point. If you need to promote a music fest — then consider getting a music event poster.

National holidays are a special category and the design should be chosen accordingly.

The Veteran’s Day flyer for event features the symbol of patriotism — Statue of Liberty. It has the cold, blue-colored tint. Also, it displays various elements that make it look a bit more complex.

The Independence Day template uses the colors of the USA flag as well as striped texture. Again, you don’t need even to read anything; everyone will understand what it’s all about. It uses the 4J association — people will immediately understand what it promotes.

The example with a dark rectangle in the center is another design dedicated to Independence Day. It also features the flag as a background, but it doesn’t include too many elements.

This is an amazing template if you want to promote a wine & cheese festival. The red background and glass is a symbol of wine. Such free event flyer uses contrastive colors as red, black and white to catch your eyes immediately. The pouring wine also looks gorgeous.

Some templates are great to promote different kinds of parties.

Thanksgiving design has some elements we associate with autumn. It’s quite positive and has many small dots to make a look a bit more complex.

Music event poster template looks simple and complex at the same time. It uses various colors to create the right contrast. The letters are scattered, but you still can read “Music Party”. This template has enough space to provide people with the necessary information.

Professional Event Flyers

Various templates may look differently, just like these two shown below:

One looks super complex with its pattern, while the other one is very simple. However, both products look nice and they can be equally effective. It all depends on what you want to promote.

  • If you have something luxurious — consider using complex design
  • If you promote a party — a simple design may be a good choice
  • If the party has something to do with national holidays — use the elements people associate with that holiday

Feel to download represented free event flyers in this article.

Choosing the right design can be a bit tricky. Besides, free event poster templates (and flyers) are available and you can find the one you like, modify it and voila — you have a perfect design!  You don’t need to worry about how to design a flyer for an event. The templates are usually completely ready to print. Unleash your creativity and create something you will like.

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