Best Wellness Flyer Designs & Free Wellness Flyer Templates | Tumli

Best Wellness Flyer Designs & Free Wellness Flyer Templates | Tumli

Best Wellness Flyer Designs & Free Wellness Flyer Templates | Tumli

Mental health is as important as physical. The competition in the field of beauty & wellness is very high. Therefore, wellness posters and flyers are a good option to complement your promotion campaign. This article covers the main challenges related to proper design creation as well as some tips with design samples.

Best Wellness Flyer Designs & Free Wellness Flyer Templates | Tumli
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People want to be strong, healthy and attractive, this way of living is very popular and there are many centers or individual trainers who offer different services. That’s why the competition is very high in this field. If you are an individual instructor or gym owner, then you need a good promotion strategy. A well-designed wellness flyer template may be helpful.

You aren’t supposed to learn all the nuances of design since it takes much time. Use a template for future design — everything is on its place, you just need to apply creativity to some small changes and get exactly what you want.

Here’s a wellness flyer template:

It consists of some elements, but all of them are easy to edit — you can scale them up and down. Moreover, you can duplicate some or just remove. Such files are universal — you may edit anything and turn them into all kinds of promotion material. It can be a basis for your future wellness program flyer.

This template is designed professionally, so everything looks balanced — there are neither empty spots nor overwhelmed ones. Colors are chosen properly — you can easily distinguish elements, the text is easy to read. It features several parts where add messages, so it preserves its informational function.

Design Flyer for Health Wellness Services

Before start designing a health and wellness flyer, you need to know the general idea of what you wanna get. Wellness is something general and it may include various services. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • What kind of services do you offer? — The spa should include soft shapes with bright colors. Yoga may have some Indian-styled patterns.
  • Elements to use — they can be complex or simple
  • Colors for different elements
  • Information to add — don’t put too much, but it should be enough for people to understand what you can offer

After that, you can start looking for diverse wellness event flyer templates to find the one that is close to something you need. In this case, you won’t have much to change, so you won’t ruin the overall balance. However, you shouldn’t consider templates as rules to obey — have some freedom and fun and you‘ll create your best health and wellness flyer.

Wellness Event Flyer Templates

Here are some wellness flyer ideas and templates:

This wellness flyer design doesn’t feature any complex element. It uses wave-shaped lines to fill some empty space above and below the central part, which is the focusing point. This part may include your place name and a short motto or motivation messages below.

The top and bottom sections are great to add secondary information, like a list of services.

A large wave-line divides the background into two parts. Such shape may be associated with water or sea, so it’s a good option if you promote spa services. However, suchlike design may serve to promote various options or even be a school health and wellness fair flyer, since it doesn’t include any elements that restrict it to certain services.

Suchlike flyer for health and wellness design is bright and positive. It uses a photo to demonstrate to people what it promotes. A towel and a flower make it calm and these elements are associated with relaxation. Wavy lines make the background more interesting.

Overall, it looks very positive due to the yellow-red color combination. The elements harmonize perfectly and create an attractive general image. Since it looks so calming, it can be used for something relaxing or become a wellness family flyer.

This one has several areas to add important text.

This women’s wellness flyer template looks strict due to the contrastive black-white color combination. The photo perfectly blends with the dark background, so it looks uniform. It uses the cross pattern to make it non-constant.

The top and bottom parts include important text, like what you offer and where to find you. This template is good to promote beauty services and a photo is a chance to demonstrate your skills, so you need to find a model and do your best.

Overall, it looks strict and daring, but it still universal and you can easily turn it into a corporate wellness flyer.

If you have a hair salon, then you’ll like this example. It has a simple diagonal line pattern and several shapes which are sections for photos.

The dramatic look is achieved with a high-contrastive palette. It has enough space to add secondary information, including special offers and services. Again, those photos should be replaced with the ones that demonstrate your skills and experience.

Here’s a template to step away from dark. This one looks positive and natural, due to the green color, which associates with nature. It uses a photo with the simple dot-stars pattern to make it look engaging. A large white shape is a focusing point which contains important information, like the name or it can be a logo place. It also has other places to add secondary information.

The white-green color is well-combined so people can easily read the text and distinguish elements.

If you promote something active and need a wellness week flyer or you’re a personal trainer and need a wellness coach flyer, this option is for you. It looks motivating and includes a simple background pattern and some shapes, like circles. The athlete photo covers a text part and creates a three-dimensional effect.

The colors make this promoting wellness flyer look contrastive and active. It has various shapes where you can add information or a motivating message.

Mental Wellness Posters

Mental health is as important as physical. People need to relax emotionally considering the stresses we experience. Therefore, such services are popular and health wellness posters are a good option to complement your promotion campaign.

Mental wellness posters should look calm and soothing, so people could associate it with something that can help them. Here are some wellness poster ideas:

  • Avoid using any complex sharp shapes, like triangles;
  • Colors should calm — light tones will do;
  • Photos of pacific places are a good option.

To create the best wellness posters, you need to understand your potential clients’ desires and expectations. If people want to relax in a distant place — then a photo of a solitude beach will work. If your services related to meditation, then using a meditating person photo can match.

When the competition is high, you need to offer something new and extraordinary to make clients want to get your services or visit your place.  So, your promotion material should be noticeable.

Finding a good template is the first step. It’ll be a basis for your future design. Use elements that are associated with your place or services, try to use something extraordinary so people notice you. Let yourself create something, make mistakes, try something new and you will succeed.


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