Top Columbus Day Design Templates & Promotional Columbus Day Flyers

Top Columbus Day Design Templates & Promotional Columbus Day Flyers

Top Columbus Day Design Templates & Promotional Columbus Day Flyers

This article focuses on Columbus Day design preparation required to promote a special event for this holiday. Here you may find some useful tips & tricks considering choosing the correct design.

Top Columbus Day Design Templates & Promotional Columbus Day Flyers
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It’s a wonderful holiday that is important for the Americas. This can be a great day to throw a party where you can have an amazing time with your friends. Such a reason is a good option to throw a massive party as well. Therefore, you need to promote this day and a Columbus Day flyer can be an option.

It’s impossible to find the best Columbus Day flyer design as there are many factors worth considering. Here are just some of them:

  • What kind of party is it? (Is it for a small group of people or will it take place in a bar?)
  • What colors to use? (blue can be associated with water, which, in turn, people associate with Columbus’ expeditions; but warm colors work too)
  • What elements to use? Should it be all about sea trips?

Even if you clearly understand what you want to get, the process of putting everything together can be quite tricky as well. You cannot just add everything together — the elements may turn into a mess and it may become worse if colors aren’t harmonized.

Here is a well-designed Columbus Day party flyer which includes various components (different shapes). The forms aren’t only to make it look fancy, but they also guide your eyes.

Such a design is very attractive and appeals to people. It features some forms and the colors do their job. This template could be used for Columbus Day club flyer as well as.

It doesn’t have any empty spaces, which may catch your attention. Everything is balanced. The colors create harmony — nothing stands out. Overall, this design can attract people and it doesn’t look like a quilt made of different patches. Another important factor is that such design remains informative — it has all the information people should know about the day when the event takes place. It includes date, place, etc. of course, you can add some extra information.

Free & Premium Columbus Day Flyers

Creating flyers for Columbus Day isn’t an easy task since you need to have some artistic taste and know how to “talk to people” using shapes, images, colors, lines, etc. Templates can facilitate the whole process and you can use them as a perfect basis for anything — you can create “happy Columbus Day cards”. The source files are easy to modify due to their implementation — they have layers and you can edit each one separately without changing unnecessary parts.

Here is an example of a Columbus Day template designs:

Such design already informs that it has something to do with sea trips. This Columbus Day event flyer can promote a party or a special deal in a shop. Blue colors make us remember about seas. The dark blue and cyan colors achieve high contrast, so we can easily notice even the smallest details.

This design features numerous details which create the whole composition more complex and interesting. The center part features a steering wheel and it catches us. The top design part features a stripe that features the name of the holiday.  It includes a simple pattern that makes the design look completed. It has several parts where you can put some text.

Here is something simpler and more contrasting. If you need to compete and have something that people will notice, then this is a great Columbus Day promotional flyer. Used colors create contrast so the whole composition looks vivid and bright.

Unlike the previous template, this one doesn’t have any complex shapes or patterns. Again, the anchor already says that it has something to do with sea trips and long expeditions.  The red stripe that winds around the anchor is a perfect spot to add the text. The background is covered with a simple wave-shaped pattern.

Suchlike design is great if you look for something complex. This template is versatile since you can turn it into almost anything.

The boat immediately makes us associate it with a sea. The waves, the sky, and two seagulls make this design very calm. The warm colors for the sky help to achieve a soothing effect. Overall, this design looks very calm. There is enough space to add some text and inform people about an event. It’s a great option if you compete with templates which don’t use too many colors or include some simple shapes.

Columbus Day Event & Promotional Flyers

It’s impossible to say how top Columbus Day flyers look. There are no strict criteria and the design depends on numerous factors.

Here is a great example of a good template — every element has its own place and the whole space is balanced. The same is true for colors. It can be an impeccable Columbus Day greetings card.

This day is a very special event, but if you ask people what do they associate Columbus with, you’ll probably hear that people associate it with exploration and sea trips. This information will be useful for you while creating a design template.

It’s quite hard to understand that there are many designs available to you and finding perfect one may be challenging. You can always modify a template and get the design that you want.

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