9+ Construction Company Flyer Templates & Free Building Company Flyer Designs

9+ Construction Company Flyer Templates & Free Building Company Flyer Designs

9+ Construction Company Flyer Templates & Free Building Company Flyer Designs

This article covers Building Company promotional assets as well as Construction Company event flyer design templates. Just have a look how printed materials can be helpful for business.

9+ Construction Company Flyer Templates & Free Building Company Flyer Designs
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Business promoting is always challenging and the team has to do much in order to create a successful promotional campaign. Piece o advice could be using all customer reaching channels available — use social networks, websites and don’t forget about brochures or other printed material.

Using a construction company flyer template can decrease the time necessary to start the whole campaign since it’s a great basis for your future design. Such files are completely versatile — it’s possible to get almost anything you need.

Before starting designing something, you may need to check various examples of a marketing flyer for a construction company to get the whole idea. There are no super strict rules, but here are some general ideas, when you design flyer templates:

  • Focus on the building type or services — if you work with offices — use something that is associated with offices; when you work with apartments — use the shapes that tell about it.
  • Don’t put too many shapes — it may distract a person
  • Balance the colors
  • Use the whole area wisely — there should be no empty spaces
  • The information should be laconic and useful (where people can find you and when)

Let’s consider this file, which can be used by a technical construction company. It doesn’t have many details, but the most contrastive element is the house and everyone will pay their attention to it immediately. Another good thing about such design is that it tells without a single word — remove the text and ask yourself “What is it all about?” — It has something to do with houses and that is correct.

The stylized clouds make this design complete and fill the empty space. The warm colors used make it look calm and cozy and that’s what people what to experience in their homes. Such design still has some place to put the text you need.

Free & Premium Building Company Flyers

Promoting a building company, it’s necessary to be better than your competitors and use well-designed file templates in PSD (or other formats). Such files can be easily modified to make the design that will reflect your services.  Here is a business flyer template.

Suchlike ideas would be impeccable if you offer any services related to offices. The overall design combines the strict business nature and smooth colorful shapes that make it’s not 100% serious, so even a person who needs their first office space wouldn’t be scared.

It features a business center, which helps to associate the design with business. The background has some curves pattern that makes the composition more interesting.  Such colorful shapes make the design less serious and create the necessary balance with the “sharp”-lined building.

The warm colors make it very comfortable and positive. It has enough space to put the information you want. It may be a good construction company flyer design as well.

If you want something really simple without using many smooth shapes, then you should like this one. Everything is very strict — it uses straight lines mostly, but there are still some round shapes.

The white-black-red color scheme preserves its strict nature.

It has some tall building, which people associate with business centers and the right line which goes through the whole design makes it more vivid.

Here is one of some flyer templates for Building Company that steps away from “obvious design solutions”. It’s hard to say what it’s all about without text, but this idea can attract people right because it’s complex enough.

An idea is to use various blocks and put them together, there isn’t any particular plan behind the complex central pattern. There are some spots to put the text.

The numerous colors used to create some contrast which makes it noticeable among other advertisements.

If you need to promote an auction — this option is for you. It doesn’t include any smooth shapes, the dark purple background has a simple pattern, while the stylized text “Real estate auction” informs what it promotes. This contrast helps to make it noticeable.

Construction Company Flyer Templates

Creating an engineering company flyer, it’s necessary to use something that people may associate with the building process itself and here is a good example.

The idea of this engineering company flyer is to use the Tetris details, which represent various blocks. Therefore, we (a company) put blocks together (build a house for you).

The blocks use various colors to make the whole design more appealing. It has some space to put the information and company logo.

The warm and comfortable design that doesn’t have super complex shapes. It doesn’t include any abstract ideas, like a previous one. The house image already tells that it’s something related to the construction business.

Suchlike smooth-bordered shapes balance the whole idea and leave no empty room. There is some space for text to add. Small elements, like the dots and lines, make it more interesting.

This is an abstract flyer for a construction company — the smooth shapes create a basis for other shapes made of lines. The cyan-red-black color combination is very contrastive, so this design will be noticed immediately. It has a room where you can add some text.

Preparing promotion solutions for construction companies can be quite challenging since you need to amaze people with something and search for non-standard solutions. Of course, you may not spend as much as you want in an advertisement and flyers can be helpful here. They are not expensive, but still, are effective. It’s important to find the design which will reflect your company or the services you provide. Using free flyer templates as a basis you can create almost anything.

It’s impossible to say exactly what flyer ideas for a construction company will work for you — sometimes, a complex design may work great and in other cases, something simple will be more preferable. But it’s important to understand your target audience. Young people would pay attention to something curious or odd, while businesspersons (especially if they are 40+) would like to see something conservative. High contrast is great for young, while conservative design requires using dark colors.

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