Free Jewelry Business Card Templates & Best Jewelry Business Card Designs

Free Jewelry Business Card Templates & Best Jewelry Business Card Designs

Free Jewelry Business Card Templates & Best Jewelry Business Card Designs

Jewelry advertising requires a special approach: concept aimed not only at buyers, who are often men but also at consumer audience represented by women. To attract both parties’ attention, create a unique and unusual badge, which will become an important link in the marketing campaign.

Free Jewelry Business Card Templates & Best Jewelry Business Card Designs
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There are brands that focus exclusively on a specific audience. It’s important for an entrepreneur creating a special legend connected with jewels, which become a lever to key purchase. For instance, some companies make jewels with an unusual rough design, diamonds, positioning as the product “with a character”. At the same time, men, buying them personify kings-conquerors.

Such stories work very effectively and bring a lot of dividends to owners. Jewelry business card ideas are directly related to these plots, certain targeting pictures, colors, and fonts. Get inspired by badge designs and find the best one for you.

Jewelry Business Card Template

It’s a well-known fact that men are touched by more aggressive and pretentious advertisement. The jewelry shop business card, which lies in cardholder, will certainly be useful for the future buyer and bring profit to an entrepreneur. That is why, it shouldn’t have beautiful business card design for jewelry only, but also detailed info about the store, bonus program.

Start developing a jewelry business card by downloading free templates that you can find here. As we said, it’s an important filling badge with content that is directly related to the company’s legend and products. If you work with gold, silver or other metals, as well as their combinations with precious stones, choose among business card templates those which will fit your jewelry.

For instance, if thy story is connected with Middle Ages, it’s appropriate for placing photo with ring or chain in the same style on contrasting black background. The main vectors for development are future template design’s luxury or simplicity, which can be easily downloaded in PSD or other formats. It’s only necessary determining paper type on which badge will be printed. The harmonious company content combination, color, branding on badge looks fascinating.

The Best Jewelry Business Card Designs

Today, there are diverse jewelry business card designs, while most companies choose minimalist advertising style. Contrasting colors, elegant decorations, complemented by beautiful fonts in discreet shades, create an amazing composition.

Combine courage and complexity in ideas for badges for jewels, while choosing the most vivid and sophisticated design.

  1. Experiment with a form: make badge like diamond or wedding rings, depending on specialization your store has.
  2. Choose contrasting colors, against the background of which image will stand out well.
  3. On the front side, necessarily place a logo, as well as thy company name. Create an inscription in an elegant, beautiful type that is well suited to branding. Don’t forget about the slogan, which is better placed under a company name, written in a small size.
  4. Choose soft, neutral shades.
  5. Use photos of exquisite jewels, which also become a future badge face.
  6. Fill in biz badge with details: contacts, social networks links.

A good marketing ploy is a jewelry store business card creation that allows a client to save money, get a good discount, and entrepreneur, in turn, to earn. Its design can be minimalist: contrasting colors, background filling, info about company and contacts, as well as bonus program name and details about it. Looking through such a badge, the potential customer receives all necessary data, perception of which won’t distract by flashy design.

The best designs are those which impress potential customers and force them to keep jewelry business card in their cardholder. This type of non-aggressive promoting by an enterprise will give feedback: Buyer will ask about store assortment, wishing to make a gift to his dear people.

Beautiful Jewelry Business Card Designs

When giving the customer an opportunity to independently choose jewelry the custom business card will be useful for him. Having presented a sophisticated product in imagination, the client hopes to bring it into life by turning to master jeweler.

Since competition among goldsmiths is constantly growing, it’s important choosing the right business card design for jewelry, which will illuminate the master’s individual style. Place photo with best jewels on the front side, thy own logo, contacts, master’s or company’s name.

A good sample of jewelry business card is an extraordinary design that combines form, picture, embossed paper, gold or silver fonts. This demonstrates some used materials’ and stones’ naturalness.

The key to advancement effectiveness in this area is nobility, luxury, taste in every detail. It’s not recommended using flashy or poisonous colors. The badge face will help buyer to form positive store image, report on its status, available assortment.

Here you can examine in detail each jewelry business card sample and be inspired by creating a new design.

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