Free Wedding Flyer Templates & Elegant Bridal Design Ideas

Free Wedding Flyer Templates & Elegant Bridal Design Ideas

Free Wedding Flyer Templates & Elegant Bridal Design Ideas

A wedding event flyer can be extremely helpful whether you promote your services or you want to tell people about your wedding ceremony. We have multiple event flyer templates and you will always find the one that meets your requirements. Don't miss it, just have a look at some!

Free Wedding Flyer Templates & Elegant Bridal Design Ideas
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A flyer tells people about something. It’s perfect to cover a relatively large group of people. It may also show other people how special they are for you. They can tell people about a special event and it’s great since it can also show that you value the person which gets it. Using flyers to tell people about your wedding event is a way to be original. It’s also better than just a plain message on a social network. Moreover, some people may want to keep the party flyer to remember the special day.

The ceremony preparation is super challenging — it’s necessary to keep hundreds of details in your mind and working on a wedding flyer template shouldn’t be one of them. That is where we can help with our wonderful, professionally designed products. Get a wedding invitation flyer template which is ready to be print, so you don’t need to worry about the colors or the size — you will get everything as it looks on a display.

Presented templates are flexible — the files are layered, so all elements use different layers. Therefore, you can modify every single element without affecting other elements and destroying the design. It’s possible to add something new, remove existing elements, change their size and color, etc.

The wedding flyers are an impeccable services promotion tool — if you provide services, which may be interesting for women or men who are preparing their ceremonies, then it’s a nice option to inform people about it.

We offer free and premium-class design templates. You shouldn’t think that free template is bad, all templates we can provide been professionally designed and people will certainly like them. However, premium-class event flyer templates are more complex; they may feature more elements and look more complicated. However, all the products we offer are super attractive and you can always modify them without spending too much time. Don’t waste time and download one of our best wedding flyer templates.

This is another “dark” template, but it still can be super effective. It includes various “straight” shapes and lines and the way the elements are put makes people focus on the central part where the message is. It still has enough space for other important information (use it as a wedding program).

Wedding Celebration Flyer Design

Invitation templates may look differently, but they have some common design features, there is only a small part of the design “rules”:

  • Bright tones (blue, pink, green, white) are used usually. Of course, there are dark colored templates, but be careful with those colors
  • What does it promote — you may be a hair stylist or a makeup artist or a photographer or you may want to inform about the ceremony
  • The ceremony style also affects the design (e.g. Have something Greek? — add Greek elements to the design)

The elegant wedding flyer design depends on what you want to promote with it — if it’s ceremony, then you should consider using your photo and use bright tones, like white, pink or blue, and you have more freedom when providing services, but you still need to be careful with colors, since a ceremony is always associated with something positive, people may find it strange to use dark colors. However, if you don’t want to deal with all these designing challenges — then get one of our products. It may even become a perfect basis for your future business cards.

Wedding Invitation and Services Templates

Our products would be perfect to promote a ceremony or any kinds of services or goods that can be interesting for couples who are getting ready for their ceremony.  A free PSD flyer template can be extremely helpful, but we also have other formats of files.

Here is a nice template to offer bridal makeup services. It’s quite vivid — the orange color harmonizes with dark-colored waves and the white rectangle in the center makes a perfect contrast. It also has all the information you need to tell — the date, the place, etc.

This product is simpler than the previous one. It includes a photo (it’s great to show your level). It doesn’t have many complex elements, but it still can grab everyone’s attention. Get it and create a wedding party flyer template.

This is a great option if you’re looking for smooth forms — the combination of colors and the shapes makes this very attractive and people certainly will pay attention to it. Don’t waste your time, just get it wedding flyer PSD template (we also have other formats) right now!

It’s an impeccable event flyer to promote such services as hair styling and makeup; the photo may be an example of your work, while the combination of the white and the green colors make it stand out from other printed materials. It may be a great wedding photography flyer template.

Here is a vivid wedding event planner flyer for people who provide various services, or you have a shop where a girl can find everything she needs for a ceremony, including consultancy. It looks quite simple and that makes everything even more attractive — it has the most important elements only.

It’s a wonderful product, even if you look at it from far, you can tell that it has something to do with something positive, this effect is achieved with the bright colors. It is great for a hair stylist. Download it right now!

A Wedding Movie Studio Flyer

Wedding photographer flyer template for those who provide video shooting services. You can distribute them to the shop where the young couple scan finds everything necessary for the wedding party. It may be a good idea to include additional video information (like the 1080p / 60 fps format or additional editing services).

You can also get a brochure template, to showcase your work. If you have a photo studio, then consider downloading a wedding photography studio template.

You can get wedding flyer right now

A wedding event flyer can be helpful to promote services or a ceremony. We have highlighted multiple products and you will always find the one the meets your requirements. All of the products are super flexible, so you can easily modify them — these templates are a great starting point for your future design. Get one of them right now!

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