Best Interior Design Business Card Templates & Free Business Card for Interior Design

Best Interior Design Business Card Templates & Free Business Card for Interior Design

Best Interior Design Business Card Templates & Free Business Card for Interior Design

Great hopes are always placed on interior designer shoulders because of his decisions comfortable living and working indoors will depend. The correct objects’ arrangement, ease of planning and styling —specialist is responsible for everything. A well-executed business card will be a specialist advertisement and an incentive to buy services for potential customers. In this article, we'll consider the best badge options, among which you can find a suitable one.

Best Interior Design Business Card Templates & Free Business Card for Interior Design
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For qualitative office or home transformation, coordinated work of each link in the work process is important. At first, when a person has the desire to change the interior, he is looking for a specialist who could help him. Therefore, a business card for interior design is a significant part of the professional’s presentation. It allows you not only establish a personal connection but also make brand memorable.

Let’s look at a list of most striking business card examples for interior design. We hope that they will inspire you to create a badge that makes a lasting impression.

  1. Minimal interior design business card

Sometimes “less is more” principle is a much more effective tool than using numerous elements. The one-color styling, perfectly selected fonts, using bright space present well information you want to convey.

  1. Fashion

If you follow trends in everything, use small geometric elements of popular colors. Combine them with readable fonts. Create a complete composition.

  1. Complexity and energy

This version is suitable for those seeking sophistication and elegance. The badge should be a departure from execution tradition: Use vertical placement, logo and brand colors. Don’t forget about graphic elements. They will give clarity and a clear understanding of what you are doing.

Combine trend colors with right fonts, fill a badge with necessary information. Don’t forget that it’s not only your advertisement but also status on styling services market.

Interior Design Business Card Ideas

In this collection, we’ve compiled the most unusual and cool interior design business card ideas. They are unexpected and perhaps customers won’t want to let them go of their hands.

  1. Weird styling

Vivid colors, amazing pictures that work well with simple fonts will leave a lasting impression. Memorable and original styling can be supplemented with an unusual shape and beautiful, pleasant to touch paper on which your badge will be printed.

  1. Unusual shape

Modern interior design business card idea involves the use of not only high-quality materials but also product form that will talk about the activity field. For example, a famous artist’s picture with frame, wherein foreground is description and contacts of your services, peculiar holes, cut-outs that are well suited to the overall composition.

  1. Retro style

Such badge will attract attention. As an addition, there can be beautiful interior photo made in soft brown and yellow colors.

  1. Hologram

Such options become more popular because they quickly interest potential buyer and allow him to dream up. They are unique because colors change depending on viewing angle.

Here you can download any interior design business card templates you like for free.

You can find interior design business card not only in PSD format but also in others. Experiment! Create! Do it!

How to Show Interior Designer on Business Card

The business card is better than just phone number recorded in a phone book, or an email address that can be found on the Internet. This is a story about your best qualities as a professional and carries an important company message for an interior design business card.

Let’s look at interior design business card samples.

  1. An extravagant presentation of your photo

Cut out thy figure silhouette or portrait on a badge to get a stable image that is fixed on the rectangle with info instead of a base.

  1. 3-D effect

Use 3D rooms images.

  1. Multi layering

Use multiple layers in your card. For example, by setting specific form, put basic data about yourself and contacts on the first sheet, on others post thy best works to conduct short excursion into a portfolio. Connect layers with a beautiful ribbon. Convenient and very effective.

Paying attention to an unusual styling, don’t forget about laconic presentation. These two links should be harmoniously combined, because not having received all necessary info from a card, your potential client will simply forget about you.

Post links to all social networks, phone numbers, and email. Be sure to include your first and last name. A photo will help you remember and establish eye contact.

Business card with excellent styling and useful data will compactly represent thy portfolio and set a good tone in relations with potential clients, establishing effective working.

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