Best Nail Salon Brochure Templates & Nail Salon Brochure Designs

Best Nail Salon Brochure Templates & Nail Salon Brochure Designs

Best Nail Salon Brochure Templates & Nail Salon Brochure Designs

Trends are focused on naturalness already for several years. Beautiful nails become key to success and good image. Eventually, a woman is gorgeous only when her body is well-groomed. When talking, people tend to pay attention to a person's appearance, especially on nails.

Best Nail Salon Brochure Templates & Nail Salon Brochure Designs
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The world is moving so rapidly that sometimes it’s simply vital stopping for a second, exhale and please yourself with small gifts relieving nervous, muscular tension. Fortunately, women make it much easier than men, because lovely ladies are owners of unique talent to see the beauty in simplicity. Manicure is one of the ways of escaping from reality for a while and devoting little time to yourself. Sitting down in master’s chair, savoring delicious coffee drink and coming up with new nails styling — real Zen is comprehended. Therefore, the main nail salon brochure purpose shouldn’t be only promoting care products, but also improve status in the market for such services.

Below you can look at the best nail salon brochure templates and download them for free.

In order to create selling leaflet, focus not only on its content but also bright design. After all, you should sell services in a beautiful wrapper. You’ll agree, flyers, booklets or cards have much higher chances of getting into garbage than a small booklet. But, they like any other printed products are key to successful enterprise advertising. Proper nail salon brochure designs require a lot of time and creativity. Imagine, when reading an only text and not seeing the product itself. Such advertising is doomed to failure. Having made an attractive booklet that customers will be happy to read is a clue to success and increased sales.

But, before starting work on a pamphlet, you should understand its effectiveness in your business. It differs from other printed products in its availability. It contains detailed information about certain products, is ideal for taking notes and circling the desired product, presents cosmetics variety.

Leaflet often raises company status from the clients’ position. In addition, it can infix confidence. Eventually, invest time, money to create it, while a useful effect is guaranteed.

When creating such a booklet, personalize your company. The more they learn about you, the more potential clients will be willing to cooperate.

The creative design captures the reader’s attention. According to statistics, about 80% of the information person receives visually. It explains the choice of everything bright, unusual and non-standard.

Below we’ll tell secrets of how to make selling booklet.

  1. Classic design.

You shouldn’t impress the client with unusual shapes and colors. Sometimes it’s enough using an exemplary nail salon brochure modern design. It may also be spectacular if you use good paper, fill with quality content. Remember, classics never go out of style.

  1. Think like a buyer.

Your potential clients will be interested only in those products that effectively care for their skin. Thus, try to describe the product as detailed as possible gathering all the necessary information.

  1. Provide easy navigation.

Flipping through pages, the customer must go to key purchases. This action helps good pages sailing, which is easy to create using contents. Next, divide contents into blocks, separating simple manicure and nail cleaning from artistic sculpting with acrylics or coverings with different colors varnishes. Collect all the most interesting options for fingernail design and show them in the leaflet.

  1. Experiment with your future booklet formats.

Recently, the trend is different forms combination in a single brochure. For instance, publication may contain pages of unusual format or fold in form of harmony, origami. This design is quite original and convenient because the text won’t take up much space.

  1. Impress your readers with extraordinary pages’ shape.

Even rounded corners change the design, give it elegance. Create a booklet similar to nail or varnish.

Create perfect leaflet by experimenting. Don’t be afraid of choosing an uncommon design or vivid colors. This will surely draw attention. Filling with useful content makes it even more valuable in target audience eyes.

Best Company Brochure Template

Today, a variety of brochure templates for nail salon impresses with creative ideas. Recall only how original British Museum of Natural Science approached its advertising. To generate interesting ideas, you should look at something new from others. Thereby expand your knowledge and vary info as you wish. Below we will share with some ideas for nail salon brochure templates.

  1. Try using the 3D effect on photos and pages.

This concept is quite new. A few people use it because of its high cost. But if your target audience is ready to pay any money for good care services, be sure utilizing this effect!

For example, place a photo of varnish or beautiful nail design in such a way that when turning page, it appears as a 3D object.

  1. Change nail salon brochure images choosing the best perspective.

Combine photos. Make a collage of two photos: on the first image may be lacquer, on second — girl using it. Such placement idea visually expands space, complements composition with details.

  1. Utilize product samples.

For effective cosmetics sale, it’s necessary potential client tries it. Attach few specimens on pages. The customer will be able to choose some product he likes.

  1. Apply triggers.

A trigger is a subject or image associated with service being sold. For cosmetics, these are light color schemes, photos of people who employ certain lacquer and its result on their nails, pictures with leaves or flowers to emphasize natural composition.

  1. Create a holiday feeling.

When opening your booklet, the reader should be in anticipation of what he’ll receive after reading it.

You can get ideas to create the perfect nail salon brochure.

Brochure Designs for Nail Salon

Let’s consider some nice nail salon brochure examples.

Since unique designs are currently popular, pay attention to booklets with exceptional pages’ form. It immediately attracts attention.

In order for your brochure for a nail salon to be precisely taken in hands and being studied with interest, take care of its presentation. Put it in a small folder or envelope. Make it comfortable to carry.

Don’t forget about shining tones. Combine with brand’s color gamma.

Impress your potential customers with a multi-layered leaflet. Make pages of different shapes, colorations that will force buying. Under multi-layering nail salon brochure also means the presence of varnish samples. Although the reader definitely stays little longer on page with such specimen in order to study thing in detail.

Any advertising has its own target audience. Hence, if we talk about nails care, create a brochure for nail salon filled with useful readable content. Fill it with commodity detailed descriptions. Divide the catalog into sections.

Separately, present various designs that master makes, describe hand care products, anti-aging serums, etc. in free nail salon brochure illustrator. This approach to content creates comfortable navigation. A potential customer could readily find the desired product.

Take thought for your beauty salon image. Find a leader who is dermatologist or cosmetologist. Post his tips as comments or a small blog. People are always interested in reading expert opinion.

The presentation style should be visually recognizable, ideally combined with color gamut, fonts and with all content. If you set light pure coloration trend, then it’s appropriate combining with discreet clear fonts in classic styles.

Selling beauty services is a quite difficult task. Remember, in the beauty industry, even promoting a professional nail salon brochure must be nice, aesthetic. The content should be bright, tasty so that customer wants to buy salon service immediately.

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