Best Restaurant Brochure Templates & Restaurant Brochure Designs

Best Restaurant Brochure Templates & Restaurant Brochure Designs

Best Restaurant Brochure Templates & Restaurant Brochure Designs

Restaurants are no longer the place where people gather only for celebrations. Now they have become a place where you can comfortably hold short business meetings, lunch after a hard-working day, or gather with friends in the evening. Quality advertising is important so that the client comes to you and becomes a regular guest of your establishment.

Best Restaurant Brochure Templates & Restaurant Brochure Designs
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A brochure is an indispensable tool for print advertising. Small volume and concentration of basic information have become a mass promotion mean of any company services. But, unlike a booklet or flyer, the brochure contains a large amount of useful info.

International marketing practice shows that the effectiveness of such a little book doesn’t always depend on the number of pages or volume of written text. After all, from 5 to 48 pages are allowed. Before you begin to design, think about the booklet format, size and fastening pages method (fasted with thread or paper clips, screw wire or in any other way).

Creating restaurant brochure templates describe some menu details. Use colorful photos and short interesting text describing the dishes. You can also give approximate prices. Don’t forget about print quality and paper of your future brochure. Full-color, made in excellent quality design work will attract skilled gourmets’ sights. You can also download a restaurant brochure template for free.

Best Restaurant Brochure Design

Restaurant menu brochure is not worth saving. It must be bright and readable. Depending on budget and preferences, it can be made of high-density paper, or have a tight plastic frame. Stop your choice on curly complex shapes compositions. This restaurant brochure design is sure to catch the customers’ attention. Placing dish photos in the brochure — the eyes capture the dishes and allow you to evaluate them already visually.

Focus on the restaurant’s interior. Elegant people in a great mood, beautifully designed hall and solemn atmosphere in general — an ideal magnet for attracting guests. Open your potential customers’ imagination and let them play with it. A delicious house specialty’s photo, establishment address, and name, the spectacular slogan will be immediately perceived.

Usually thinking about a restaurant, we present an institution where a wide range of dishes and drinks are offered (as opposed to a cafe). Cooking takes a relatively long time. And in addition to the service and actual food — the interior is important. It’s significant not to overload it with details, including price tags and catchy stickers. This is permissible only if you have an institution with affordable prices. In this case, use special cost tags to draw attention to some promotional positions.

As mentioned above, brochures are the most popular type of printing products today. But often many people confuse the concepts of booklet and brochure for the restaurant. In essence, they are multi-layered polygraphy. The information there is strictly divided into blocks and structured. However, a brochure, unlike a booklet, consists of several pages that are stitched together. If you are an experienced restaurateur, think about paper density on which the advertisement will be printed. Of course, unlike a booklet, a brochure is more expensive to produce.

Examples of Brochure for Restaurant

Beautiful dishes photos, smiling visitors will increase subscribers’ flow and maintain the institution image at the required level. It’s important to competently, and therefore unobtrusively and most gently refer to the person. If we are talking about expensive advertising, it’s better to generate content with a so-called lead magnet (for example, a welcome discount or, on the contrary, an exclusive offer for regular guests).

For institutions designed for mass demand, there are enough seasonal offers and entertainment program.

Simple restaurant brochure examples as business cards are best left in places where a potential guest is forced to wait (for instance, services or queues). To pay attention to your book, it should be a small, easy-to-hold format. Don’t overload it with long texts. Best of all, beautiful pictures and interesting food suggestions will help a client to choose something.

Restaurant brochure examples dedicated to your establishment with high-quality glossy photos can be an excellent gift for partners and customers. To consider it in details, pay attention to the concept, originality, and execution quality. A fascinating story about the institution, intricacies of the kitchen. You can download several restaurant menu brochures in PSD or in other formats.

What should be in a Restaurant Brochure?

The competition in such a business is so great that you won’t manage with just one kitchen and excellent service. Remember that advertising should be as varied as its promotion channels. Only after that, it’s possible to monetize your reputation and popularity of your institution. Nevertheless, a wide choice of restaurants and cafes creates demand.

This process stimulates a constant search for unusual and interesting ideas. Advertising campaigns must be a powerful marketing machine, visualization ways must be original and non-standard. Thus, let’s consider what should be in a restaurant brochure.

An example of effective and cool advertising is one Canadian restaurant for vegetarians. It showed animals as ordinary people. They also went to the shop, knit and talk. In this campaign slogan says: “Let the meat live”.

Restaurant for sale brochure was filled with interesting pictures and funny graphics. The text is amusing and clearly divided into semantic categories. But with the release of provocative booklets with specific content and unusual pictures, they are gaining more and more fame. After all, it’s important to present your restaurant authenticity.

Sometimes, using provocative social overtones in restaurant food menu brochure of an institution, attendance of tourists and local residents increases. If you work in an Italian eating place, you can advertise even classic food with the help of this little book.

Passing through the text slogan: “Classics of the Mediterranean with a completely new aftertaste”, filling the book with juicy delicious food photos, noting some details with sharp words and relevant tips, you can reach the peak of your target audience interest. Daring slogans like: “Our food makes another tasteless” is perfect for Asian eating places. Put a bright motto on the cover with your restaurant brochure ideas. As a result, the reader would turn the page and feel the taste of food without trying it.

Bonus or discount cards should be in any catering establishment. You will be able to keep track of who exactly comes to you and how often in case the cards are registered. Or it’s possible to form a database and restaurant brochure for investors telling about which dishes are preferred by guests, what is the average check, what is the share of alcohol sales, etc. To collect all this useful information, you don’t need to save on bonuses for regular guests, unusual citizens who also will attract additional attention to your restaurant.

Quality advertising is an essential part of any business promotion. Capture your audience attention with brochures via interesting design and special offers. Stay creative, inspire and develop your business successfully.

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