License Agreement

We have three licenses for our products: free, regular and extended.

Permitted Material

Free License:

Regular License: We offer a regular license for those who intend to use our products for their clients’ commercial projects. Please check the products and licensing specifications before downloading the product. Under the regular license, you can use the product for a certain number of times (up to 600), specified on the product page.

Extended License: Extended license is offered to clients for unlimited use of our products for their clients’ commercial projects.

Non-Permitted Material

Our materials are not to be sold, licensed, shared, sublicensed, rented, leased, or given to any third-party entities. Our products may not be used in any forms of advertising where you intend to make money by selling our products. If you do want to promote our website or services, you should create a link that refers back to our resources page so that users can find us easily. You may not directly download any of our files without submitting your emails. We do not allow users to use any kind of software or bot to get access to the materials we post on the website.

Freelance and Contract Work

In the instances of using our products for freelance work, you will need to purchase an Extended License or several Regular Licenses if your client intends to sell more than 600 copies of the finished product. If you purchase a license, it can be transferred to the client when you deliver the finished product.

Trademarking Designs and Logos

You are not allowed to register an item created with our services for a trademark. This includes any kind of design (including logos). If you do create a design or logo, please acknowledge that any third-parties may use the same logo. If you are looking for an item to the trademark, please contact us for more details.

Other Restrictions

You are restricted from reselling or redistributing our graphics unless you have purchased an extended license, and you may not use the products associated with electronic products that are intended for resale.

Copyright and Trademark

Tumli retains all rights and ownership associated with copyrighted products. Because of this, you are not allowed to copy, share, or sell our products without our express written consent and/or authorization. Our copyrighted products are protected by national, federal and jurisdictional laws that grant us ownership of all intellectual property. You may not use our products in any part to create a trademark or copyright.

If we find you using, reproducing, changing, or selling any part of our products, you may be held liable for civil and/or criminal penalties.


Tumli has the right to restrict, delete, or cancel your services at any point without prior notice if you fail to follow the terms and conditions within this policy. We also reserve the right to revoke your license.

If your license is terminated, you are obligated to immediately stop using the product you and to delete the downloaded files containing the product from your stored files. It is your responsibility to ensure your clients also delete this product.

Client Use

If you are licensing a product on behalf of a client, you are able to grant a sublicense to your client to use the content you created as allowed by this license agreement. You are responsible to ensure that your client follows the rules of this contract as well. If you do not have that authority, your client may not use the content unless they purchase a license of their own directly from us. You will be held liable for your client’s use of the purchased content. If you use any of the content created from our services for a client, you must provide us with the client’s name and contact information so that we may monitor the use of the content to make sure it is being used correctly.

Content Extraction

You may not allow your client to use the created content for other purposes than what the original content was intended for. The content may not be changed, altered or repurposed for other projects or to create new content from the original source. You may not share, sell, license or display the original file or product. You are liable for taking reasonable measures to ensure that third-party entities cannot access or duplicate the content. You may not use shareware applications that allow third-parties to access or duplicate licensed content. This includes print-on-demand software or similar apps which allow the licensed content to be accessed. The product may not be used in whole or in part, to create a trademark or copyright.

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